Comm Eye Health South Asia Vol. 35 No. 116 2022 pp 16. Published online 18 March 2023.

Key community eye health messages

(Photo: Indra P Sharma/ bhutan CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)
(Photo: Indra P Sharma/ bhutan CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)
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There are three key dimensions to a cataract service:

Cataract output. How many surgeries are being done and how can the number be increased? Which groups of people are accessing services and which are not?

Cataract outcome. What percentage of patients achieve good vision after surgery? What is the complication rate? How can outcomes, patient satisfaction, and quality of service be improved?

Cataract outlay. How much does it cost to perform each operation and how much do patients pay? How can services be made affordable?

The quality of cataract surgeries can be measured from three standpoints:

Physiological. What is the change in visual acuity before and after surgery?

Functional. What activities are patients able to do before and after surgery?v

Psychological. How satisfied are patients with the surgery?

Improving the uptake of cataract services calls for the following:

• Identifying people with visual impairment due to cataract through outreach, education, and mobile clinics

• Motivating people to come for treatment by allaying their fears and anxieties, ensuring a high quality of care, and providing comfortable and convenient facilities

• Reducing barriers by keeping fees affordable, reducing long wait times, and minimising transport costs, travel time, and loss of wages.